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What I do

Watercolor, Pencil, and Ink, Colored Work

Plants, animals, vegetables, flowers, fungi, or custom pieces at your request

Black and White Pen and Ink Drawings

Focused mostly on plants, animals, and vegetables, I also do custom requests in those genres as well as custom home or building drawings.

Paper Art and Crafts

Place cards, origami, hand-made flowers, and other small paper art projects.

Why buy from an artist?

Any artist! I don’t discriminate. When you buy local, or buy online from a small business or artist, you support them. You help them buy cat food, pay their electricity bills, buy a pair of shoes. I appreciate each and every sale and try to make it as special as possible. If you want matting, framing, wrapping, let me know. I want to make your purchase something you will love forever. XO, Reg

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